Cute Emoticons for Facebook Cute Smileys & Emoticons!

Cite Emoticons for Facebook

So obviously the most popular social network in existence is definitely Facebook. It has like 500 million users on it, literally, which made a huge impact to the social community over the web.

A lot of people don't know it, but Facebook also has plenty of cute emoticons to use in your feeds and updates as well. Cute emoticons for Facebook will be different for what kind of application you use. There are clickable emoticons that can be used when you're sending a message or using the chat program. And the chat interface uses the traditional, old-school emoticons that you can find in another button from the chat application options.

Some areas of Facebook also allow you to connect to different emoticons if you have them ready to use, not just the boring little yellow heads and whatnot. Besides the boring little smiley emoticons, you can find cute monkey emoticons that are animated, like for example the mood "feel cheeky" shows a monkey that jumps merrily while posing a big smile. There's the crying monkey and a few others too.

Aside from a monkey, the other cute emoticons for facebook include super cute grey kittens, omg so cute! I use these a lot?example you're not feeling well and you feel like sneezing, use Hachooo! Hachoo is the cute little emoticon that looks like a sneezing cat.

You can find a flower emoticon, dog, and a bunch of other cuties. Using emoticons in your Facebook account will definitely bring some extra attention to your posts in your account, but don't overdo it on Facebook because everyone sees it and I think some people get annoyed with too many emoticons, even if they are cute.