Cute Emoticons

Cute Emoticons

I have been around the web collecting the bestest and cutest emoticons to use in you IM messengers. These emoticons work in pretty much every major IM service, including Windows, Yahoo, Facebook/MySpace, Skype, AIM, and ICQ, and also work with websites like Facebook and LiveJournal.

Some of the cute emoticons I have listed here are from emoticon packs (like Smiley Central!!!), some of them are cute emoticons made from keyboard typing( like <:-P PARTY!!!), and some of them are HTML links to cute emoticons on other sites (like THIS! cool smiley ).

Why use cute emoticons? Because they’re cute!!! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, use emoticons to get your feelings across to the people you chat with! I like these cute emoticons most because I’m a very happy person and I love expressing myselfThat’s why I use emoticons, so people will know exactly how I’m feeling. The internet is great for sharing ideas and updates but it’s not the best for sharing emotions and letting others know how you feel. I mean you could use video chat and then people will be able to see you but that’s really not that popular. Most people just use text.

So emoticons let other people see how you’re feeling with little pictures of smileys! I like cute emoticons because they’re good for letting people you’re chatting with that you’re not a mean person. If you’ve been online for a while then you know that sometimes people can come across as being mean when they’re not trying to be mean at all. It’s just the way it goes. So using cute emoticons lets people know that you’re not mad at them or mean or anything. They’re kind of like ice breakers too. If you’re just getting to know someone online or IRL (in real life) and you’re chatting with them on a messenger program, they’ll probably like the fact that you’re not real uptight or nervous if you use a cute emoticon or smiley here and there. Obviously don’t use them too much though, because that’s just annoying.

OK, that’s enough about why I LOVE THESE CUTE EMOTICONS!!! Here’s how you can use these smileys for yourself. First of all, these emoticons are all totally free! The smiley packages are downloaded from the websites where they were made, so you can get those there. Look for the links or you can get them here, here, and here.

The keyboard emoticons are just made up of regular characters on your keyboard so you can just make them yourself any time you want to. Print out the list or bookmark this page so you can come back and see them l8er if you want. Also, some of the messenger programs like Yahoo and MSN will automatically change your keyboard smileys into images of emoticons right in the chat window!!! I like Yahoo’s smileys a lot, they’re super cute!

For the emoticons that are linked from other sites, here’s what you do: you copy the link of the smiley, paste it wherever it’s going, then you just have to add a little bit of extra stuff & it’ll work. If you’re putting it on a website, you do this:

And if you’re putting it on a message board or forum, it's different code.

OK have fun with your cute emoticons! OH YA if you find a cute emoticon or you have one I can add to this site then please email meeee!!!!!!!